CBH Ministries Kings Call Back




Level 1: The Village of Soulus

1. What should I do here?
As you overlook your smoldering village, try to search out items that are here. You'll also need to find some money located here too. Move the logs to find it. Before you can leave here, you'll need to find the scroll, the shield, some money, and a vellum.

2. I'm stuck, I can't figure out what to do?
Zoom up on the building in the center, by clicking on it. You can pick up each piece of wood here by clicking and holding the mouse button down (dragging) and then moving the mouse. This will allow you to find money hidden in the debris.

3. How do I talk to characters?
To talk to a character, simply click on them. If they can be talked to, a dialog will pop-up where you can usually ask them questions and further interact with them. Some characters are just "scenic background" and cannot be talked to.

When you talk with characters, if you get to the end, you can try talking to them again and see what else they have to say. In fact, we encourage that so you can find new clues!

4. How do I get or drop objects?
If you can get an object, just click on it, and it will be put in your "inventory". It will be shown up top. Most objects will be given to you, but a few ones can be picked up and/or interacted with.

5. How can I move on to the next area?
You will have to find out how to move on to the next area. Sometimes you need to solve something and other times just talk to all the characters. Just make sure you explore everything and talk to each character.

6. Are there any secret areas or objects?
There are a lot of things to do and find, so be sure to explore well. You may want to go back to areas or even replay the game to make sure you found everything. As you explore, you will find some hidden symbols that are placed in each scene. For bonus points, try to find out the meaning of each symbol.

7. I'm still stuck or have other questions...help!
You can contact the Kings Call team at email help . We'll try to help you out with any issues including technical problems, game advice, and anything else. If you have feedback or thoughts about the game, please contact us at email feedback .