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Welcome to King's Call!

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You are about to embark on a fascinating online adventure game. The game is filled with rich graphics & animation, talkative characters, puzzles, and mini-games. While the game can be challenging, it will likely take you only several hours to complete. We'll provide help with the game if you do get stuck.

After you start the game, it will automatically save where you last were. So just bookmark right after this page and you can return to the game whenever you would like.

Please note that this online game is played through your web browser. It may take a minute or so to load each level especially if you are using a 56K or slower modem. Be patient though -- it's worth it!

Start Playing King's Call | Questions & Answers | Link to King's Call!

What players have said:
The game was wonderful... I played it and it taught me so much....Please make more games like this!
-- Matthew

I enjoyed playing the Kings Call and even cried at the end...all in all it was fun. Keep up the good work.
 -- Nancy

I really loved the King's Call. It was brilliant! It was like Pilgrim's Progress but it was more fun and easier to understand. Thanks!
-- Gordon

It was a little scary... It is kind of sad...but it was neat how it is set up. I really enjoyed it. I will send it to my friends.
-- Shannon

"I loved your game. It was sooooo cool ... the best internet game I have ever played...I'm going to send this game to my whole adress book"
-- Aaron B
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